5k Telegram Post Views

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$16.00 $6.00

✅️️️️ 5k Telegram post views

✅️️️️ 5k real views for 2 last post (each post 2.5k)

✅️️️️ For Telegram channel post

✅️️️️ 100% Legit for Telegram

✅️️️️ Real views for Telegram

✅️️️️ By active members

✅️️️️ Fast delivery in <20 Hours

✅️️️️ Adding time 1 hour

✅️️️️ Leaving rate 0% (Guaranteed)

✅️️️️ Permanent views (No Drop)

✅️️️️ Simple Logical price

✅️️️️ No need for you username & password

✅️️️️ Adding Views by your Public link

✅️️️️ Payment methods (BTC) & (CARD)


Buy 5k Telegram Post Views, Guaranteed no Drop

Telegram Post views is necessary to boost reputation and trust of your channel, as more and more views flood into your telegram channel, people feel the engagement is heavy, and it rises the purchasing power of your members, as they have a fear of missing out, and would always want to quickly buy into your products.

All Telegram post views offered by Waploaded SMM, are 100% Legit, with No Drop, the 5K Post views would spread across the last 2 posts in your channel, and would be permanent. As soon as you purchase it, it would be delivered in less than 1 Hour.

Our service for Telegram Post views gives you 5K+ Post Views on your telegram channel in less than 1 hour, and we are the cheapest in the market. Our service does not disrupt the Telegram’s policy, as we offer only professional service which is strictly White Hat.

Why Should you Buy Telegram Post Views?

  • It Boosts Trust and reputation of your channel
  • It is delivered in 1 hour
  • It can be spread across your last post in your channel
  • We offer the cheapest Telegram post view service
  • It is Permanent and non-drop
  • It doesn’t harm your account or channel

What is the Quality of The Telegram Post Views?

The Telegram post views is one of our top selling Social Media Service, we get these views by sending active online members from Telegram to view your channels, when they do, your view will rise up. The Telegram post views are quality views and always available forever in the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telegram Post Views

  • Will it affect my account?: No, if won’t, the telegram post views are from real members who have come to view your channels.
  • Will the Channel views drop later?: No, it won’t ever drop.
  • How many post will get this views?: It would be spread across your last 2 posts on the Channel.
  • How long will it take to deliver?: It would take Less than 1 Hour to push the views into your channel.
  • How Many Quantity can i purchase?: Unlimited, but it would be delivered a step at a time.
  • I need to contact you guys before Purchase: Use any of our contact medium on our website, we offer 247 service.

I am ready, How can i Buy 5k Telegram Post Views?

  • Visit the Telegram Post View 
  • Click on Add to cart (if you need more, increase the Quantity)
  • Fill in your details in next page
  • Make your choice of payment
  • Once Order is received it would be Processed immediately.

Are you new to Ordering items online? Learn how to place order, step by step to purchase services on Waploaded SMM.

2 reviews for 5k Telegram Post Views

  1. Benno

    Fast Service, i will purchase again

  2. Buy Telegram

    Nice service, only one post got the views, i will buy more thanks.

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