Welcome to Waploaded SMM, Below are questions that would guide you to get started, Adding funds to your account, buying social media followers and tracking how the services are going Kindly click on the title of each question to find appropriate answers, if you need more service, do not hesitate to Contact us using all/any of the channels available.

What is Waploaded SMM?

Waploaded SMM (Waploaded Social Media Marketing) is a panel offering users the ability to purchase social media likes/followers/comments/subscribers/watch time (views) and even members at very affordable rates, cheaper than every other SMM Panel in the market.

You can Watch this Video to see how it works 

How do i get Started?

It's simple getting started.

  • Register and login to your account
  • Add Funds to your account
  • Add New Order
  • Submit

Once you place an order for a service, it would be delivered instantly or within 24hours. Very guaranteeed.

How do i fund my Account?

You have to first

  • Register an account,
  • then login
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right 
  • Click on "Add Funds"
  • You can use any of the Automatic methods there to add funds.

In case your choice of payment method is not in the automatic list (Paypal, Paystack, CoinBase/Crypto), kindly scroll down the page and use one of the Manual Payment Methods. Manual payment has a minimum of $50, automatic is flexible.

  • Pick a convenient Manual payment method
  • Make the deposit of $50 and above
  • After the payment
  • Contact us or Create a Ticket
  • Tell us what you paid for, immediately your account would be credited.

How do i create a Ticket

To create a support ticket (fastest way to get issues solved)

  • Register/login to your account
  • Click on the 3 dots by the right
  • click on tickets
  • Submit your question

You will be replied by admin immediately.

Is it Safe to Buy your service

It is 100% safe, our sources use special tools which has been proven over the year to be very effective. It's even safer when you use the Drip feed.

How to Buy a Service

To buy a service is very simple

  • After funding your account
  • Click on New Order
  • Choose a category of your order "e.g Instagram Followers"
  • Choose the service pricing you like "e.g Less Drop"
  • Add the Link of your Service to the page "e.g https://instagram.com/davido"
  • Enter Quantity "e.g 1000 for 1000 new followers"
  • The price would display under "Total Charge"
  • Tick, "Yes, I confirm this order"
  • Then Place Your Order

You order would be placed immediately and start processing.

How to get Service Link

Most people do not know what their service links are. These are links to the service you are buying, for instagram followers, it should be the link to your Instagram profile, which is normally https://instagram.com/YourHandle replace YourHandle to your instagram handle, e.g davido.

For other social account, it should be the link to the exact page or social account you want the followers to be added to.

What Does Drip Feed Means?

Grow your accounts as fast as you want with the help of Drip-feed. How it works: let's say you want 2000 likes on your post. Instead of getting all 2000 at once, you can get 200 each day for 10 days.

How can i find the New Order i just placed?

To find the new order you just placed

  • Login to your account
  • Click on "Order"
  • Click on "Order Logs"
  • Your should see a list of the new orders you just placed
  • The "Order Basic Details" will show you the process and the "status" the exact progress of the order.

How long does my order move from pending?

If you have placed an order, be rest assured it would be fulfiled and delivered. Depending on the details of the order, it may take a little while, some orders delivery are spread across hours in a day.

Most times, orders move from Pending  to In Progress  within the first 10minutes, some take up to an hour, in some cases it may take longer, but your order would be surely delivered in the quickest time.

My Order was not completed, how do i get it completed?

In rare cases or depending on the choice of service, your order may not have been complete "e.g paying for 10,000 followers and before you know, a few followers drops or unfollows you". While we may not be able to control that, you can report to us, and you would get a refil.

  • Login to your account
  • Create a Ticket
  • Select a refil option
  • Send us as much details as required
  • Your order would be refiled and completed.

What if my account gets banned?

Over the years we have offered this service, as far as you do not use an external service along with ours, you will be fine.

I have an Issue, How do i reach you faster?

We have several support channels to reach us.

Make sure to read our Frequently asked questions page.